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Congratulations to the eighth best team in the world!


Congratulations to the eighth best team in the world!


There will be more pics and videos to follow, and it's safe to say the V.P. community is incredibly proud of our stellar team and their performance. We look forward to hearing  tales of heroic efforts and incredible feats of strength and athleticism and teamwork.


Monday Strength/Skill: Back or front squat 6X2  Alternate with floor presses 6X5

Weightlifting work: Tall cleans

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  1. CRush

    Awesome job Valley Park! I'm just a garage Crossfitter from the St. Louis area, but feel like I know you guys because I'm always checking out your site! You have supporters and you inspire more people than you know. Congrats!

  2. Kara

    Wow guys!!!! 8th place!! It was unreal watching you guys take down those wods!! Look forward to hearing about it when you get back. Incredible, what you did out there! Congratulations!!!!

  3. D. Wilhelm

    Incredible job guys!!! Sooo proud of all the hard work that each and every one of you put into an amazing weekend!!!! Looking forward to the videos! Now, enjoy some much needed rest time!

  4. Mike E

    Awesome guys!!! So proud of you!!! Thanks for letting us tag along on your incredible run…Congratulations, 8th in the WORLD – it's HUGE!!!

  5. Monica

    So incredibly thrilled for ALL of you!! You are all such amazing athletes & such an inspiration to so many! Can't wait to see pics & videos!

  6. Darby

    You should be so proud that all of your hard work and dedication paid off. Fantastic job and look forward to seeing some good pics!

  7. Chris

    Amazingly Inspirational what can come from a few people with a dream and a hand full of people that believed "I think we can".. Great job VP men and women and supporters and coaches!!! Very much deserved place in CF History!!

  8. Brian R.


    The good news…8th in the world!!

    The bad news…BMJ will most likely be coming back riding the pain train inspired with all sorts of new ways to torment (torture?) us mere mortals!

  9. gnat

    hey CFVP…six cheers to our 3 cool dudes Jake, Cory & David & our 3 awesome chics Tonya, Melissa & Margaret! The roof..the roof..the roof is on fire! These guys & gals are hot! (good thing the VP fire dep is close) You all did such an awesome job…you are my heros (not just b/c my arm is in a sling & can't wait to jump back into the action). What strength, power & determination you each showed… from start of the first wod down to the last rep in the end. You each held your own & accomplished so much. I am proud to say that this awesome team …that is ranked 8th in the world!!!!!!!! …amazing!!!…chooses to hang out at our box & be part of our CFVP family. Thanks for all the sweat, power, tears & courage you have left out on the CF battlefield. Great Job…be PROUD…VERY PROUD! 🙂

  10. Kevin G

    Awesome work everyone! I take a lot of pride in being part of the best box in the midwest! You have made us all proud to know you.

  11. Cory

    Thanks to owners, members, and teammates. I'm so very blessed to be part of something so cool. I appreciate you all. Thank you.

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