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Congratulations to all


Congratulations to all

Congratulations CFVP! Take a couple of well deserved days of rest, then start hittin' it for '11.

Congratulations also to Jared Van Anne and Vikki Bayliss who won the "Spirit of the Games" WODs Saturday. Great job!

Monday Strength/Skill: Pistol squats 5X5 each leg, alternate with ring work. 

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  1. open wounds – gotta love crossfit! How did I know pistol squats would be coming this week? Great job Team CFVP – you are so inspiring to the mere mortals back here in St. Louis. Be proud of all the hard work and dedication you have put in over the last 6 months.

  2. Vikki

    I cried myself to sleep last night because my blisters hurt terribly. Then when my salty tears hit my wounds…..let's just say I agree with Brian.

  3. Jared VA

    I think "hamburger hands" is much more fitting. I will second the motion after I apply more ointment to my "burgers"!

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