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Congrats to Our Winners


Congrats to Our Winners


Yes it often helps having someone in your face pushing you through a tough workout. That extra push is always there, waiting for someone to bring it out. Jake Kidd works tremendously hard through his workouts and always finds time to encourage others.

Big congrats to our winners in the "Biggest Winner" challenge. Claire Thurmond and Jamie Owens earned a month of free classes. Great job to everyone who participated.

GarageSale We are doing it again! CrossFit Valley Park will host a community garage sale on April 25th. We hope to raise money to support our CrossFit Games team and to purchase some new equipment. Please box your items and bring them to the gym. If you have things of high value and wish to receive payment for them, just mark them clearly. Thanks for all of your support!

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  1. Brody Jackson

    Congrats girls!!! You deserve it as you have put in the work of a true winner!!!! Continue to want more and get greedy!!! NEVER be satisfied…..WANT more and the payoff is more than you can imagine! Great Job! Fellow Crossfitter Brody

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