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"Rich Hill Battling through #155 Clean and Jerks"

Registration is officially open for the 1st Annual Heart of America CrossFit Challenge. CrossFit Valley Park and CrossFit Springfield have teamed up to bring this event to Missouri. We are allowing 40 teams for a huge competitive weekend. We are going to start putting our teams together. We'll need plenty of volunteers and judges for the weekend. This promises to be a great road trip to Springfield! 

CrossFit TNT will be hosting our next St. Louis Affiliate Team Competition on November 1st. We will be taking 2 teams to New Town. It's time to get our trophy back!

Competition. Just as this is a big part of CrossFit, isn't it a part of everything in life? In one way or another we strive to improve. We tend to push ourselves harder in anything when there is someone to catch, something to gain, or something desired. Competition against ourselves and others is a good thing. Use it wisely.

Wednesday Strength/Skill Work: OH Press 4 X 8

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