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Coming Soon: CFVP Endurance


Coming Soon: CFVP Endurance


Ladies mark your calendars. We will be hosting another Ladies' Night on Friday, January 13th. Please arrive at 6:30 p.m. and start warming up. Feel free to bring a dish and beverages. This is a great opportunity to bring a friend. Just make sure you tell us if you are bringing someone and give us their relative condition.


CFVP is very proud to announce an exciting new class option. Our own Stephanie Teague will be head coach for the CFVP Endurance Program. Here is a description.

 "In hopes of keeping you all at  the top of your game, we are in the process of adding some new opportunities at CFVP. Beginning in January we will be offering Crossfit Endurance classes as part of our regular class schedule.  Stephanie Teague is a Crossfit certified Endurance Coach and is excited to share her knowledge of the Crossfit Endurance training model. Crossfit Endurance was developed by Brian MacKenzie as the solution to breaking the cycle of long slow distance training for runners and triathletes and bringing the concepts of Crossfit into the endurance world.  The program has been tested by athletes of all levels and we believe it is a training component that will greatly benefit our athletes at CFVP.  Stephanie has put a blog together that will be linked to our site ( and the blog will be the information center for the endurance program.  Please take the time to visit her site and find out more about crossfit endurance training and how it applies to your fitness goals.   

This program is new to us and we encourage your feedback and suggestions.  Classes will be structured similarly to our current strength and conditioning classes but will focus on teaching the skills of running to help you improve your form and efficiency, interval based running, biking, and rowing wods, and strength training and mobility work specifically geared to the endurance athlete.  We encourage you to email Stephanie at with any questions you have and she will help you transition into the program no matter where you are as a runner."

There are more details to come. The start date is yet to be determined. We will also be continuing to develop the website. We couldn't be more proud to offer this great program under a great coach. STAY TUNED!

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  1. Pam Nicks

    Bwaaahaha- the video- awesome!!! The Flightless Bird needs some serious help. Steph rocks at this endurance thing! CFVP will be breaking records with 5K Gone Bad. =)

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