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Herb's Stir Fry

"Colors make any veggie dish appetizing"

Tuesday Strength/Skill Work: Max Efforts. 4 sets of max rep. OH presses alternating with 4 sets of max rep. Knees to Elbows. With the OH press, you will want to start with about 50% of your 1 rep. max. With the Knees to Elbows, stay strict without swinging or kipping. Simply perform each set until failure.


-With a running clock, try and perform the following:

-120 Squats in 4 minutes

-110 Sit-ups in 5 minutes

-100 Push-ups in 6 minutes

-This is a 15 minute workout. If you finish before the time is up during each interval,  rest. If you don't finish the required number of repetitions in the time allowed, you are penalized 300 meters in rowing. This goes for each movement, meaning  you could possibly row 900 meters.

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