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"Coach's Reminder?" How about a caption contest.

Please submit any questions about the Affiliate Cup Competition ASAP. We want all athletes to be clear on the workouts before Sunday. Workout heats will be announced later this week. We ask that all athletes and judges be on time! If you have not submitted a team name,  you will be given a gym designation.

Monday Strength/Skill Work: Triplet. OH Squat 4 X 5. Skin the cat 4 X 3. Weighted sit-up 4 X 8. Alternate through the 3 exercises.

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  1. Mike Shaw

    "Milk is for babies, drink beer"
    Ever head of the GOMAD diet? (gallon of milk a day), well this would be the GOBAD diet (gal of beer a day)

  2. Beth Hughes

    Look at you Ricki! Love it! Stopped by to check out VP's page for updates on this coming Sunday and saw your smiling face. I am not competing on Sunday but planning on stopping by to cheer CFSTC on – hope to see you if I do!

  3. Wow. This is a pretty nutty story what with the fclikr photos and all. I saw the photos and watched the video and am having trouble piecing a couple things together. Now, I'm no detective but I do consider myself detail-oriented and can find three inconsistencies between the video and the photos.First, the first image above shows the second guy looking to his right before walking through the door. This is not seen in the video. I watched several times while pausing and playing through the entering scene.Second, the second image shows two things: the first guy is looking up at the security cam and the second guy's face is visible, with his hat brim tilted up. In the video the first guy does NOT look up at the cam and the second guy's hat is tilted down, covering his face.Bill, is there something you're not telling us? Did they enter the building twice?Being as the two entered the building with a security card to gain access I'm left scratching my head. How did they get that? Are they employees or friends of employees? Did they theive the access card? or Was this staged (I dunno, insurance purposes?)Pardon my questioning all this but I find the evidence to be inconsistent.Good luck catching the bad guys all the same!

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