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Clever or Crude?


Clever or Crude?


The "hard edge/walk the line" CrossFit attitude has surfaced a bit with some new Reebok/CrossFit advertising. Read the following post to see what happened to the one above. Reebok/CrossFit Ad 

The 2012 CrossFit Games Sectional workouts are almost over. This is the last week. CFVP remains in the top 30, sitting tied for 21st place. We are really proud of everyone! Good luck

11 Responses

  1. Jamie : )

    CRUDE! And I guess all the WOMEN that crossfit don't count? Or will the next one be cheat on your boyfriend not your workout?I do crossfit to feel strong, healthy and empowered not hurt people. I think Reebok misrepresented crossfit.

  2. Mike Shaw

    None of those pansies at Reebok would come up with a line like that. It was probably one of the elitist crossfit athletes sponsored by Reebok.

    And the message isn't to cheat on your girlfriend, the message is that if you don't crossfit, you are a lesser individual to someone who does. It's like saying "Our warmup is your workout".

  3. Mandi

    I think if anyone uses this sign as a justification to cheat on their girlfriend, they were probably going to be unfaithful before even reading it. I actually chuckled at this because to some crossfitters, cheating on your workout is just unacceptable. I truly don't think they were encouraging to go out and cheat on your girlfriend. I can't imagine anyone taking this serious. I kind of thought it was funny.

  4. Would everyone agree that perhaps the phrase "Cheat on your Taxes" would be better? 🙂

    BTW, the GF saw this and said I'm banned from crossfit now.

    No, not really. 🙂

  5. Sebastian

    I think it's hilarious. Anyone offended by this, well, you're offended. When did people become so sensitive to things like this. A literal interpretation and enactment of this by anyone tells me that they are not the brightest crayon in the box. However, the attitude and mentality portrayed through that advertisement is dead on. By any means necessary, you do anything else outside of the box, but once inside you are held to a higher standard a must not ever quit. Would it have been better had the ad stated "significant other". I think there would have been a totally different response had that been the slogan

  6. Dena

    Did not take the ad literally, just thought it was dumb….as in not clever.
    "cheat on your workout, cheat on yourself"….sounds better and more empowering.

  7. Jake

    This ad is edgy and that's why it is brilliant. Do you think if this ad read any differently that it would have ended up as one of the featured stories on, one of the most visited websites out there??? Reebok did its part by pulling the ad and claiming that they had nothing to do with it in the first place. Morals aside, you have to agree that this Reebok Crossfit ad reached as many people as their commercials and it cost Reebok considerably less…

  8. Mike D

    How much of a social ripple did this make? Hardly heard about it outside the CF community so, it is what it is. Lets go back to lifting things off the ground and pushing ourselves harder and harder everytime we step foot in the box and make ourselves better than what we were.

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