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Class Clarifications


Class Clarifications

Dave 2-001


The above pictures show a critical point of bar positioning. While the rack position is especially important for the Jerk, it is ideal for any shoulder to overhead movement. The bar should rest on the shoulders, above the clavicles. Even if flexibility limitations keep the bar off of the deltoids, it should still be over your base, or midfoot. Generally extending the wrists back and positioning the elbows in front of the bar plane will get it where it needs to be. When driving off the shoulders, contact is needed to deliver power into the bar. The first picture shows the bar a bit below the ideal position. The second picture shows Dave has corrected his position.

Our first week of a new schedule and different class offerings, things seem to be going great. However, there is still some confusion. We hope this clears things up. Please let us know ahead of class time if you have any questions.

  • You should now be able to see which side your class is being held on your online schedule. "A" indicates the original gym while "B" indicates the new gym.
  • CrossFit II class requirements will be posted on each week's programming. This means you must be able to meet these requirements, both in the Strength/Skill portion and WOD portion of the class. The learning and progressions of the skills will be offered in the CrossFit class on the same days/times.
  • The CrossFit II class WOD will indicate either  1.) As Rx'd, which means there is no scaling the loads or movements listed. Rx'd PLUS indicates a heavier load or more difficult version of a movement is an option.  2.) Load Scalable, which means you can scale the load but not the movements.  3.) Movement Scalable, which means you can subsitute a movement but not the loads.  4.) Load and Movement Scalable, which means you are allowed to scale both. 
  • Some members attending CrossFit classes in time periods where CrossFit II classes are not offered have asked about doing that programming during the class. As of now, we are allowing this. Please talk to your coach.

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