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Michelle 2

Cheers. Do you hear them at all when things get really intense? Some people say they don't hear anything once they are in overdrive. Others will find that 2nd wind once someone gives them the verbal push they need. Either way, one of the coolest things we see is people cheering others on. It's amazing what you can find in yourself when people believe in you.

Tuesday Strength/Skill Work: Back Squat 6 X 3, agility drills

4 Responses

  1. Corey

    I know personally I hear the yells from time to time and I am the type of person that likes someone screaming at me to make myself work harder. There is never a shortage of people yelling and screaming at CFVP and that is one thing that is great about it there.

  2. dan thacker

    Corey, thanks for your thoughts. I personally don't hear anything. It's weird. It was the same way when I was kickboxing. Every workout is like another fight!!!! In my own little world I guess.

  3. Karen

    I have to agree with you Corey. I love having people scream and push me further. They are many times I was ready to just fold but hearing people yelling at me really makes me push it out and finish. However, there is no one that can yell at you quite like Chris!!!

  4. Josh Nimmo

    When I played football in high school, I played in front of thousands of people. It was loud, very loud! Out of every noise and every play for some reason I could still here my dad's voice. During workouts its the same. I hear a select few voices; mainly my workout partner's, Jake Howard. It's amazing the power of one voice that can push you to the last rep, the last yard.

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