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Dawn Pull up 

Chris GP 

Check out the guns on Dawn Wilhelm. Good things happen when you train hard and eat right. We want to extend a big welcome back to Chris G-P. Great to have you back in the mix.

Wednesday Strength/Skill Work: Technique of choice based around your ability/experience. 1. Power/squat snatch 2. Power/squat clean 3. Jerk  4. Clean and Jerk.   You can substitute dumbbells if you are not comfortable with the barbell. You can work from the hang if you are not comfortable pulling from the ground. Finish with Good Mornings 5 x 5.


-100 Rounds

-4 HSPU (sub OH Press)

-8 KB Swings

-16 DB Thruster

-32 Double Unders (sub 100 singles)

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  1. Jake

    Yeah I talked to the guys about this the other day. They didn't know if they were gonna program 80 or 100 rounds. I'm glad they dropped the reps down a bit for the 100 rounder. Gonna be rough.

    Chris GP — MVP = may vanish periodically! jk, good to have u back around man.

  2. Sharon

    Dawn – very strong, you are doing fantastic, and always great getting to work out with you!!!

    Welcome back Chris GP – we missed you!!!

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