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CFVP/Bar X Team Competition


CFVP/Bar X Team Competition


We have a unique event starting soon! CrossFit Valley Park and CrossFit Bar X will go head to head in a 3 week competition. This is a team event consisting of 2 men and 2 women. The first week will be the week of April 29th. Each week there will be 2 workouts in which 2 team members will perform and submit a score, each pair doing one or the other.  At the end of 2 weeks the top 3 teams from each gym will meet for a Grand Finale on Sunday, May 19th. IMPORTANT: Teams will be composed of a male and female that would be considered advanced or Rx’d individuals and a male and female that would be considered beginner/intermediate level. This event will truly be for anyone. We know you have many questions. We will have more details coming by the end of the week as well as a sign up sheet (coaches will be forming the teams). This is going to be a great competition.

Workout of the Day
9 Minutes Continuous
1 minute Partner Ball Throw/Squat (stand 10 ft. apart. Throw the ball in a proper arc for your partner to catch. Think Wall Ball)
1 minute Partner Sit-up with the ball.(Lock feet. Keep ball in contact with chest)
1 minute Push ups

Warm up Deadlift up to 60% 1 Rep Max
Every 3 minutes/5 Rounds
5 DL (1st set at 60%. Increase weight by 5-10 lbs. each round)
10 Barbell Push-ups
15 V-ups
-This is Strength/Skill with limited rest. Movements should be precise and controlled.

2K Row

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