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Mike and chris 

CFVP would like to thank Chris Cosby for taking time to have our Prowler welded and back in working condition. We know you are all thankful as well. We appreciate it Chris. You get a 50 Burpee credit card.

Donna Smith has accepted a huge challenge. She will be participating in the "Warrior Dash" coming this October. This is an amazing race filled with crazy and challenging obstacles. She will be in the heat that goes at 12:30. We're proud of you Donna.  Please check it out and go for it! 2011 Warrior Dash

Saturday Strength/Skill Work: Make up Day. Get in anything you missed during the week.


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  1. MShaw

    We were just looking at warrior dash a couple weeks ago when we heard it was coming to MO. Thinking about signing up. Any interested? MUD/SWEAT/BEER!

  2. Med steve

    I'm def interested. I saw the video that I think Jenn put on facebook. Looks like a BLAST!!!! where doni sign!!!!

  3. Melissa K.

    A few of us have signed up for the 12:30 heat. For those Warriors who haven't signed up, please join us at 12:30.

  4. Med steve

    That looks like fun. I'm definitely going to have to. And try for the 1230 start. Looking forward to running with everyone.

  5. Monica

    oh no…I'm feeling the pressure to sign up too!! Chris, I'm going to be sure to sign you up also, since you were so kind to fix the prowler! I'll be sure to sign you up in the 21 & under group…no worries 🙂

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