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Mike Shaw 
Tonya DL 

CFVP would like to give a big shout out to Mike Shaw and Tonya Charland.  We don't think Mike ever gives himself enough credit. He hopped up on the pull-up bar and did a bar muscle-up with NO KIP. Shaw….you're a beast! Tonya is getting ready to represent CFVP at the 2011 CrossFit Games. She got a PR Deadlift at #335. Great job Mike and Tonya.

Friday Strength/Skill Work: Go through an extended warm up then pick one of the following two Hero WOD's. Scale as needed. Follow with post WOD stretching.

1. "Danny" 20 Minute AMRAP of 30 Box Jumps (24"), 20 Push Press (#115), 30 Pull-ups.

2. "Jerry" Run 1 mile, Row 2000 meters, Run 1 mile.

12 Responses

  1. Trey

    Shaw is a MONSTER! One day, I wouldn't be surprised if Tonya pulls 400 off the floor…which means I gotta really work to get there first so I can have bragging rights. For like, a week.

  2. Chris

    Wow, nice job on both counts !! Maybe CFVP should be CF Beast Park..? Or somethin way kooler..? With Beast in the name.. VP Beast Pit ?

  3. MShaw

    Thanks all. My circus acts are no comparison to Tonya's amazing strength! Great job Tonya!!! Games ready, you are, no doubt!

  4. Tonya

    Mike, YOU ARE AMAZING! Circus tricks are what makes Crossfit so fun :)!! I am a work in progress but wouldn't want to be working at a better place the VP!! THANKS to everyone for making this the time of my life.

  5. Lisa Moore

    Great job to both. Nice working out with you last night Mike. And Tonya besides being an amazing xfitter and representation of Valley Park, as a mother and caretaker of a home, how on earth do you have matching socks? I havent had a pair of matching socks in 10 years. Your great at all things. 🙂

  6. Brian R.

    I just honored that I was able to do arm-in-arm walking lunges with the great Mike Shaw! Hope I get to do them with Tonya next!

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