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CFVP will be hosting a fundraiser on July 16th to benefit our Games Team and the Circle of Concern. The Circle of Concern is a local food charity.  The "Grace for the Games" and 5K walk/run registration page can be found here: CFVP Fundraiser. Please come support 2 great causes.

On August 20th, CFVP and Dr. Jared Van Anne from the Health and Performance Center will be hosting a Mobility and Movement Seminar for coaches and athletes. Details and registration will be announced shortly.

Tuesday Strength/Skill Work: OH Press 6 x 2. Go immediately into a Wall Sit for max time. Take no longer than 3 minutes betwees sets of presses. Weightlifting: Jerk

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  1. Jake

    Everyone should definitely come out to support our team and the Circle of Concern. We are proud to be able to represent such a great box and a great family. Just to clarify, the "Grace" portion of the event is infinitely scalable so even if you haven't learned the clean and jerk, you can still participate in the event. We just want to get everyone together, have a good time, and support a cause. I hope to see everyone out there!

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