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CFVP Team in 12th place after two rounds!!!


CFVP Team in 12th place after two rounds!!!

Details aren't known at this point, I just got a text from Dan, but our intrepid team has placed in the top twelve after the first two rounds. To put it in perspective, there are 97 teams from all over the world. More information to come, but there are plenty of reasons to be very proud of our team!!!

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  1. Troy

    18th place overall!!! Way to go guys and gals!!! That is truely an awesome feet. You should all be very proud of yourselves. All your hard work paid off!

    Way to go!!!

  2. Just checked the results, Crossfit Valley Park, 18th overall!!! That is AWESOME! There's no way I can express my excitement in this post! You guys killed it, congrats to all of you! Enjoy the weekend! I'm so jacked up to wod right now!

  3. You should all be so proud! CrossFit Valley Park outperformed some amazing affiliates today!

    You guys are in the main site video tonight too. Way to turn some heads out there!

    I'm proud to roll with you all!



  4. Rich

    Wow, you 6 athletes have just given your box something that only 20 boxes can say…
    "I train at one of the top 20 CrossFit Gyms; so yeah, my gym is for real!"

    Sweet job guys!

  5. Jake Howard

    18th place!!! im jacked for you guys! congrats to everyone who was a part of this. you guys deserve this with all of the hard work you have put in.

  6. Dayna

    Was there ever any doubt?! I always knew I was working out with some great athletes who give it their all everytime!!
    Great work!

  7. CFVP Affiliate Team

    Thanks for all the support!!!! It was a privilege to represent CrossFit Valley Park!! And don't worry, we rewarded ourselves with some Mexican food and ice cream…we plan on getting back on the zone on Monday 🙂 Look forward to seeing all of you soon!!!

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