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CFVP T-shirts


CFVP T-shirts

CFVP Reebok Logo Front Final_1

Back Logo Final

We are moving forward with CFVP T-shirts. These are going to be Reebok/CrossFit Tri-blend shirts. We are a team here so we added the "TEAM" logo to the front design. Team CFVP will also be wearing them to Regionals in May. We will be letting you know when they arrive.

The bottom image will be printed on the back of the shirts. The left sleeve will have the "Reebok" logo. The right sleeve will have the "VP" logo you see on the right side of the front image.

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  1. well, i love that mandy loves kettlebells. did helen today, dipeste my nervousness about doing her again she always gets me so worked up.7:54, PR by 1 second. 35lb kb swings. tried to do some butterfly pullups, but could only do about half of the pullups that way. ripped my hand too, which is currently stinging. still going to work on the butterfly.out in denver this weekend, so i won't be around, but good luck with the move!

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