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CFVP recently had two members get their first muscle up. Congratulations to Mandi Newsome and Mike Derenski. Mike had already done a couple before the camera was rolling. The work attire added such a nice touch Mike. Mandi also had one successful attempt prior to filming. Keep up the good work.

Wednesday Strength/Skill Work: Push Press 5 x 8. Alternate with Pistols or One Leg Touchdowns. For added difficulty add weight to either movement.

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  1. Lisa Moore

    Great job Mandi. Alot of long lean leg to dip up. You look fabulous. And Mike, glad we could talk you into the "formal" muscle up, was great working out with you this morning.

  2. Trey

    Are you kidding me?! A slacks and tie muscle-up? Crazy props to both of you–you've been working so hard and it's great to see it pay off!!

  3. Mandi

    All of these comments are so wonderful!!! I am so lucky to be surrounded by such awesome people!!! 😉 awesome job Mike!!!!

  4. Lynn

    I have seen Mike work at that for so long – nice job! And, Mandi, it goes without saying that you're a total rock star.

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