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CFVP Ladies

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  1. Brian R.

    Looks like the Amigos may be creating some sort of crossfit-frankenstein. First a pic with a guy missing a leg, then a girl missing a head. What's next? Mike Shaw's hair?

  2. guess who

    some people…uh hum…..mike shaw….among others….err…mike shaw….got to do that WOD with an unloaded barbell…instead of 1/2 BODYWEIGHT!!!!

  3. MShaw

    1. My hair is bawler
    2. My beard is BEAST and is making a come back for the playoffs
    3. I do what my coach tells me to do
    4. My wrist is jacked up
    5. I don't have a 5.
    6. "guess who" could be too many ppl to list but sounds very bitter and should be careful not to upset BMJ
    7. Jenn K. your squat looks solid, but the camera man cut off your feet

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