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CFVP is proud to say that out of the 4.5 million Shake Weights sold, we are proud owners of one. We are currently waiting for an additional order. Stay tuned for our new "Body Sculpting" class.

Thursday Strength/Skill Work: Warm up to include hip mobility. 4 x 5 Front Squat. Alternate with 4 x 5 Wall Walks.

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  1. Shaw

    1. Stand with your back and heels flat against the wall.

    2. Take two steps, heel to toe, until you are three feet from the wall.

    3. From there, lean backward with your hands stretched above your head.

    4. Slowly move your hands down the wall. Continue walking until your head lightly touches the floor while your chest is facing the ceiling in an arch.

    5. Turn to your stomach and stand up again.

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