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CFVP is going to the Games!!!!!


CFVP is going to the Games!!!!!

Congratulations CFVP! Despite tremendous competition, you persevered. The rest of us are beaming with pride. Well deserved, all of you! 

  Aiming for Aromas

Monday Strength/Skill Back squat 5X5 alternate with kb windmills and ring dips 

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  1. Sharon

    CFVP Team – Congratulations!!!!! You are all very amazing and very awesome!!! We are all so happy and proud of all of you!!!! Job very very well done!!!!

  2. Rich Hill

    Way to make it dramatic and get the last spot left.

    Valley Park – Home of the real thoroughbred CrossFitters.

  3. Kim Wilkes

    Well don VP! From all accounts you gotten a well deserved spot. Looking forward to cheering you on in July!

  4. Em B.

    Congrats you guys did Amazing! I was staying in touch witrh Rochelle all weekend…wish I could of seen it! Congrats well deserved.

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