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Jeff 3-1

Jeff and dawn-1


CFVP could have been mistaken for the St. Louis Zoo Monkey House this morning. Jeff Strobach and Dawn Wilhelm put on quite a display of gymnastics skills. We had legless rope climbs, L-rope climbs, and upside down rope climbs. They both did great with some advanced parallette moves. To top it off, they both made it through "Robin." This is a tough one to make it through all 5 Rounds. It was named after Robin Wilhelm who was the first one to get through it Rx'd. Great job Jeff, Dawn, and Robin.

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  1. Steph

    Pretty sure that Dawn is practicing for the Tough Mudder Race on October 13th, since she has volunteered as Team Captain! If you are interested in signing up to be on our Tough Mudder team check out the endurance blog for all the details on signing up.

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