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  1. Raelynn

    You GOT IT! Awesome! I soo wish I was there! You are so calm & cool…Listen to the "Got it" at the end….Ha! Check THAT off the list! Congrats!

  2. Sharon

    Kara, Congratulations – that was huge, you are amazing!!! Way to go girl – very proud of you and you are going to be awesome in Denver!!!

  3. Kara

    Hey guys! Thanks for all your comments:)
    Now to get a handful of them in a row!!! How long will that take, FOREVER!

    Thanks Dan for yet another CFVP video….the bloopers were the best part! What would we do without Dan's video's and pics!?

    Sam, waiting to see you get another muscle up!! Looking forward to seeing you kick butt on the website!! go get another one!

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