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Jenn Kahle

Bear Crawl 2

Carlye Spaulding is one of our newest class members. She has started her classes and looks great. Kipping pull-ups already? Yes indeed! Welcome Carlye.

One thing we have surely missed out on are "before" and "after" pictures! We are incredibly proud of all our members and the visual progress has been awesome. As their technique and movement patterns become better, we begin to see huge improvements in strength and performance. When we start to eat consistently healthy the body starts a transformation. It's amazing what happens if you stick with hard work and dedication. Jennifer Kahle has come a long way in just a few short months. Keep up the hard work Jennifer!

Friday: Morning W.O.D. (a fun chipper) and then…….IT"S PARTY TIME! See you all at Mike Duffys for the CrossFit Valley Park Christmas Party.


-For Time

-Row 800 Meters

-100 Walking Lunges

-50 Pull-ups

-100 Sit ups

-50 Push-ups

-100 Squats

-50 KTE

-Run 800 Meters


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