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"Caption Contest"

Reminder we are all going to the The Tin Can Tavern to watch Mike Derenski's band, Mojo Filter. We'll be celebrating some May B-days including Herb Sayers, Corey Lewis, and Mike Shaw. We hope you can make it.

"The Men's Competition, North/Central Regional.  Download as Windows Media. 

Thursday Strength/Skill Work: OH Press 3 sets X 5 in front. 3 sets X 5 Behind the Neck. Alternate each set with Core Work. GHD Sit-ups, weight sit-ups, ring levers, KTE, toe to bar, windmills, half moons, Russian twists, etc. Mix it up!


-You have 15 minutes. 

-Run 800 meters

-In the remaining time, complete as many rounds as you can of:

-10 Swings

-20 Walking Lunges carrying the KB you used for swings.


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  1. Trey

    "Look, I know it's wrong for everyone to always refer to you as "dumb", and I think you're wrong–you're just as sexy as a 15lb kettlebell. Maybe even more so! Just keep your head up, and be strong. And also, if I have to lift you up another 20 times, I might throw you out onto St. Louis Avenue, so…think light."

  2. WHY God, WHY did I let Jake and Josh talk me into "ONE MORE ROUND" at 4am…on a SCHOOL night even?!?! Stupid stupid STUPID !!!! I HATE BEER !!!


    MIKE SHAW!!! I hope those "whities" are still talking to you because I'm feeling "The Shaw" this morning!! Yes…in honor of your 30th!!!Dan came up with your very own WOD…30 min AMRAP..need I say more??

  4. Chris G-P

    Yeah, no offense Mike but "The Shaw" blows! hahahaaa I'm pretty sure it should be mandatory for you to conquer this one at some point since you left us all to suffer!

  5. Donna Smith

    Happy Birthday Mike, The Shaw was not fun, we missed you but I'm sure you were having more fun than us, lol.

  6. Mike Shaw

    Well darn, I missed my own WOD. Jennifer and I were both home sick yesterday, and would much rather of been at the gym. I've been fighting some respiratory junk for about 2 weeks now. Really annoying…

  7. jake

    Caption – "Milk was a bad choice!"

    Mike Shaw – I got a prescription for respiratory junk and it's called MORE COWBELL!

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