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Caption Contest

"Caption Contest"

Don't forget today is day 50 of the Burpee Challenge. This one is for time. Post time to comments.

Wednesday Strength/Skill Work: Endurance Day. After dynamic warm up, perform the following.

  • Run 1 mile for time. Rest 6 minutes.
  • 10 Minute "Cindy". Rest 6 minutes
  • Row 2K. Rest all day.


18 Responses

  1. Melissa Hurley

    Love it Melissa, so funny!!! Everyone is so good at these captions. I think of one, read everyones and feel trumped so I opt out. I love the laughs we all share!!!! I'm still laughing. Did Stephanie come up with this WOD?

  2. Steph T.

    I think its funny that so many people knew this was trey, hmmm. I also believe Melissa would be a fierce thumb war competitor, look at that double jointed thumb!

  3. Trey

    Tawn, we've discussed this before…you already used up your "Trey insult" quota earlier in this chain. ONE cutdown per day is more than enough…use those wrinkly sausages you call "fingers" to type out a quick apology and all will be forgiven! 🙂

  4. christina Peterman

    After Trey was told he must be "this tall" to ride the carnival ride, he threw himself down on the ground in a full tantrum.

  5. Mike Shaw

    The only reason Trey has a spotter is because he was attempting his handstand with only 1 arm…
    And he is so white because he used to be like the guy from The Benchwarmers who was afraid of the sun. (Howie)
    Please stop making fun of him, as he has come a long way!

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