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Callus Care


Callus Care


Not to be callous, but calluses are part of CrossFit, part of being active. We don't wear gloves because they take away the "feel" of the bar or rings or other apparatus. Thus we get calluses. You can, however, maintain them so they don't flip and rip and burn. Go to a drug store and get a callus shaver and follow the directions. You can also get a stone and grind them down. Good callus maintenance goes a long way.

Tuesday Strength/Skill: Back squat 6X5, alternate with max rep push-ups. On the sixth set of back squats, take off 50% of the weight and do the last set as jumping back squats

10 Responses

  1. Jared VA

    Are you calling Vikki, Neil, myself, and many others a bunch or wussies?… cause you'd probably be right in my case at least.

  2. Mike D

    I turned my hands into hamburger on Saturday, showering sucks now. Oh well, but I think I might get gymnastic grips, the feel of the bar has been rather nasty.

  3. Trey

    Nice picture of Brian Rouse's hands! Told him a long time ago to ditch the overalls, but once a farmer, always a farmer!

  4. Brian R.

    Contrary to popular belief, my hands DO NOT look like that as a result of consuming bio-engineered corn and soybeans.

    Viva la GMO!

  5. Vikki

    I used lots of chalk and gymnastic grips and my hands still looks like hamburger! BTW, Brian, nice hands! You could be a hand model for the FFA!

  6. jake

    hey mike d, i'm sure that one of the girls would have a set of pretty little gymnastics grips that you could borrow. maybe you could borrow one of their sports bras too! just kidding, but seriously, you can make your own grips with some athletic tape.

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