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Busy Weekend!


Busy Weekend!


Our "Run and Row" challenge is this Sunday, June 28th at 8 a.m. One detail that has changed is that everyone must register as an individual. No teams can enter. We want everyone to have a fair shot at placing and want to discourage "stacked" teams. Teams will be selected prior to the event. If you plan on entering, please try and provide me some info. on your running and rowing times. We encourage anyone, regardless of ability, to participate. Come out and challenge yourself!

This Friday will be our first "Bring a Friend" night. At 6 oclock, we will begin warming up for a workout. There will be 3 workouts posted. One advanced, one intermediate, and one beginner. Guests will be allowed to participate in the beginner workout and will be free to learn about CrossFit and get some instruction on basic movements. We will provide some food and water but as always, feel free to bring something.

Rochelle Simmer, owner of CrossFit TNT, is hosting a Trivia Night this Saturday in New Town, St. Charles. Please let me  know if you are interested in attending.

Affiliate Team WOD

-For Time

-50 Sandbag Clean and Press (100#, 50#)

-50 Sandbag Squats

-Do not partition reps. Complete 1st exercise before moving on the the 2nd.

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  1. Court

    Greetings from Texas! On the drive down today I stopped in at Crossfit Oklahoma City – I had hoped to portray a positive image of CFVP and attempted their WOD (HELEN) at noon…the temp was 101. Sorry guys, I think I failed you. It was HOT. Have fun for bring-a-friend night. I'll be on a flight home, but will be wishing I was there.

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