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Brian Rouse 
"Brian Rouse representing CFVP"

Tuesday Strength/Skill Work: Dumbbell Snatch Technique. Weighted Step-ups 5 x 8 each leg. Handstand push-ups.

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  1. Trey

    Trever Miller: "Here we go again…yet another publicity photo where the Cardinals trot me out here like a show pony. Thank goodness the season ends today. Who IS this guy anyway?"
    Brian Rouse: "GREATEST. DAY. EVER!!"

    And just so there's no misconception, yes, I'm totally jealous. 🙂

  2. Mike Shaw

    You mean to tell me that's the best the Cardinals can do? A left handed specialist?!
    I mean…it's BRIAN FRICKEN ROUSE!! they coulda at least sent out a starter…

    Yet one more reason this season was an epic failure.

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