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Brody  Brody 2 

Brandon found a way to work on his overhead squats while entertaining his daughter, Barrett. I must say his form was sharp! Brody Jackson, one of our "Games" team participants, gained top time for the D.L./Burpee W.O.D. with a time of 4:22. Very good performance. We finally got weather worthy of opening up our bay door. Get ready to catch up on all the running we've been missing.

Please check our new class schedule. We have added some classes and changed some times. We hope to see some of you who have had trouble making classes. As always, your feedback is very helpful.

It seems our children are up against much more than just an obesity epidemic. The number of children being diagnosed with behavioral disorders is staggering. Is the medical community too quick to diagnose and prescribe medication? Are we missing the real solution? Is this simply out of our control?  Raising Healthy Children

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