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Bragging Rights


Bragging Rights

Full house 

We had a full house Friday as our members competed for "Bragging Rights." This workout is a 2 person team WOD that will pop up now and then. The pairings will be constantly mixed up and we will eventually have a list of top scores. Teams were picked by throwing darts! The top 5 teams will eventually compete in a shoot out. This should make for some fun ongoing competitive workouts. As a team you attempt to accumulate as many repetitions as possible in 5 exercises lasting 4 minutes each. There is a 1 minute break between movements. Burpees, Push-ups, Sandbag lunges (50#), wall ball (10#, 8#), and rowing for calories make up the 5 movements.

Braggin rights

Karen Wilson and Tawn Keener have bragging rights for now with a score of 600. Everyone did great!

Thanks everyone for coming out to Kirkwood High School for our Sunday WOD. We had some great performances. Pictures to come soon!

Remember our 6 a.m. classes start this week. Be sure to use our Mindbody Online Schedule to sign up.

Our 2009 CrossFit Games Affiliate Team is set to leave on Thursday. We hardly believe it's already here and the nerves are starting to jiggle a bit. This year's event is huge and should be very exciting. Go here 2009 Games Content to get a glimpse at what is happening.  

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  1. Court

    Nice work, Karen and Tawn.

    Affiliate Team: GOOD LUCK!! I'm so sad to not be going and expect hourly updates 🙂 Have fun, don't get hurt, and kick some …

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