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Boxes, Classes and HOA Teams


Boxes, Classes and HOA Teams


Boxes 2-001

If you like Olympic Weightlifting then it's like Christmas in August. We now have a fell set of Jerk boxes. These can be used for a number of assistance exercises for Weightlifting. Get ready to improve your Olympic Weightlifting game.

We continue to analyze our new class schedule. As mentioned, we will be able to allow athletes wanting to do the CrossFit II programming during a regular CrossFit class when both are not offered at the same time. Our 12 Noon classes will be both due to low attendance. You will still see both classes under one instructor. You can sign in to either. We do not offer the Olympic Lifting Class on Fridays due to low attendance. However, the Monday and Wednesday class is now 2 hours. The Max Effort Lift class on Saturday will allow athletes to work on lifts without attempting maximum loads. However, the coach will likely participate in this class while offering coaching points. This means you should be very comfortable with the lifts. Lastly, don't forget to check out our FREE Team/Partner WOD offered on Saturdays. This last Saturday was a blast.

There seems to be alot of confusion with putting HOA teams together. Some members seem to be putting together their own teams. That is fine and if you have questions about it, let us know. Otherwise we will begin assigning teams. If you are needing to be assigned to a team, simply put a "Assign" next to your name. We will begin the process. We're excited to have so many of you participating.


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