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" Bob getting ready to do some box jumps"

Our December Athlete of the Month is Melissa Kron. We can't think of anyone more deserving. Melissa has been dedicated, supportive, and just a blast to be around. Her progress never seems to end. We are very proud of you Melissa! Post and pics coming soon!

Friday Strength/Skill Work: OH Squat 4 X 5. Alternate with 4 X 20 Half Moons (10 each side). Half Moons can be done with med balls, dumbbells, kettlebells, or sandbags.

WOD- Pick a rowing distance and go for a PR. 500, 1000, or 2000 meters.  

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  1. Sharon

    Melissa, Congratulations and very much deserved!! You are remarkable – you continue to get stronger and faster at everything! You are very motivated and an inspiration to everyone! It’s been awesome to see this transformation and it has been a blast working out with you!!

  2. Trey

    Melissa, you're awesome! Congrats on Athlete of the Month–your drive and constant smile and warmth toward everyone is always special to see.

  3. Donna Smith

    Congrats Melissa, I agree 100%. You're always positive and a pleasure to work out with which helps when those three guys are trying to kill us, lol.

  4. how great would it be to get a team of all ur athletes of the month and mine and have a competion! How fun would that be. just thought of that. Since all athletes of the month are the shinning star, I would love to see everyones progression. Congrats Melissa. How exciting!!

  5. MK – congrats on this well deserved recognition. I bet you were the hottest (and by hottest, I mean fittest) chic at the wedding. Nice arms. Keep on…

  6. Bob

    This picture has been leaked by the main stream media. The video of this jump will be out soon. Its called " THE GLADIATOR ". I got really tired of watching "GRAVITY " over and over again and thought I can do better that that .So I made this double box jump while supporting the railroad tie on my back . The video will be available at all Crossfit Gyms and a video signing tour to follow . You can also follow me on Twitter.

  7. karen wilson

    Yea!! Way to go Melissa, well deserved! Your progression & determination is very motivating to many athletes! Keep it up!

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