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Big Birthday wishes go out to Christina, Trey, and Monica! Happy Birthday to you all. I think this calls for a happy hour. Let me consult with the birthday boys and girls to get a location and date.

Thanks Rich Hill for putting together this video from our Affiliate Team Competition.

Saturday Strength/Skill Work: OH Squat 4 X 6



-5/300 Meter Sprints

-2 Minutes Rest between efforts

-Score is slowest effort

8 Responses

  1. christina peterman

    Thanks for all the well wishes! I had so much fun last weekend competing. It's one thing I can check off my bucket list. Thanks Dan for organizing the event and letting me compete. Everyone there was so supportive and positive! Plus my team rocked! Here's to more birthdays and more crazy WOD's!

  2. Melissa

    Happy Birthday, Christina, Trey and Monica. Hope you have a very special day!

    Christina, I'm so glad you participated in the competition. You are an amazing athlete!

  3. Monica

    Thanks for the b-day wishes. Happy hour always sounds like a good idea to me!!! Great video and congrats again to all for a great competition!

  4. Sharon

    Happy Birthday, Christina, Trey, and Monica – looking forward to going out to celebrate! Christina – great job on the competition – you were awesome!! Rich, great video – thanks!!

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