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Mike S

Mike D

Big shout out to the Monday classes who got a taste of "Fran". Everyone did really well with this tough workout. We had some people try it Rx'd including Mike Shaw, Tawn Keener, Neil Zimmerman, and Trey Dowell. Awesome job everyone! 

It's worth noting Mike Shaw's positioning of the bar while doing thrusters. Thrusters are tricky combining a front squat with an overhead press. Ideal elbow position for both is very different. The "elbows up" position in the front squat helps to keep the bar high and balanced. The elbows drive the bar better for a press while under the bar. Positioning for the thruster may be best somewhere in between. Mike has the bar high enough to stay very balanced yet in a good line to drive the bar overhead. Mike always has very nice form!

Wednesday Strength/Skill Work: Lateral Lunges. Work the movement and when you have it, add weight. "Racked Kettlebells" work great. Alternate with Body Rows (ring rows). Work towards a more challenging flat position on the rings. Take a few minutes to try handstands.


-Go in 2 heats if group is large

-Row 500 Meters

-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Box Jumps/Push-ups


15 Responses

  1. Tawn

    Great work on Fran Mike! She's a rough one–you and everyone did great Monday! You make a great lifting partner, thanks for helping me stay locked out.

  2. jake

    happy bday dan! you still don't move too bad for an old geezer.

    brian, don't hate, appreciate. (i don't even know what that means, but it sounds good.)

  3. jake

    btw, (thats short for "by the way" dan) awesome job by all who hammered out fran. it was cool to get to see some of you tackle this one. congrats to all who did it as rx'ed. just finishing it is an accomplishment in itself. great job.

  4. Melissa Hurley

    Jake, I totally thought both you and Josh were amazing but after actually doing Fran and knowing both of your times I have a renewed AMAZEMENT towards both of you!!!!!!!!! Thank you both for the encouragement.

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