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Big Numbers


Big Numbers

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Some big numbers went up tonight! Thanks everyone for coming out for the CrossFit Total. Throwing heavy weight around is a blast and we all seem to lift more with people cheering us on. Posted are some of the scores. Some worthy mentions are Courtney Yuskis with a 225 lb. Deadlift and Chris Abrahms with his 350 lb. Deadlift! There were many personal bests tonight. Remember, strength is our foundation. Approach 1 rep max. attempts with confidence. Focus and aggression will take you far. Lastly, don't get greedy!

Courtney Yuskis- Total 455

Brody Jackson- Total 875

Dan Maners- Total 945

Troy Hupp- Total 925

Jon Levy- Total 750

Chris Abrahms- Total 690

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  1. dan thacker

    Well, I will not be posting personal accomplishments of the staff here. Instead, I'd like to highlight the feats of our athletes. But I'll take advantage of your inquiry this time. Hey, we gotta brag once in a while right? haha. 1310, with a PR Deadlift of 580 and PR Overhead Press of 265. Must be all the veggies Orie makes me eat!

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