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Benefits of Fish Oil


Benefits of Fish Oil


If you're not taking a QUALITY fish oil, you should be. There are too many benefits from fish oil to list them all. Here are some of them. Like anything, not all products are equal. You will want a highly concentrated formula with high amounts of EPA and DHA. We now see fish oil from Stronger Faster Healthier. Contact us to purchase.

The following information is a brief summary from Clifford Thacker MD, who specializes in Wellness and Weight Loss in Sarasota Florida, and also promotes this particular brand of fish oil.

Managing inflammation is the no. 1 reason.  Studies of omega 3 show benefit for:
1. Blood pressure and improved vascular function. Prevention of cardiac arrythmias.
Improved cardiac function
2. Brain-better cognition, prevent Alzheimers
3. Improvement in joint health
4. Prevention of blood clots
5. Asthma and exercise induced asthma
6. Lowers triglycerides
7. Improved mood and sleep
8. Improved immune function
are more but that's enough.  One teaspoon is approx 2600-2700mg of DHA
and EPA.  That will cover most people.  If someone was obese with high
triglycerides and high BP I would have them do 2 teaspoons.  I would also double the dose on recovery days when you are really "beat up". Otherwise 1 teaspoon per day is fine.  I also recommend parents give it to their
kids.  1/2 teaspoon a day.  With the flavorings kids will actually take
it.  You can't overdose on fish oil.