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BBQ Anyone?


BBQ Anyone?


Where else can you get a workout in and enjoy some fresh BBQ when you're finished? One of the coolest things we have is a nice area to cook up some good post workout nutrition. We have many new exciting things happening at CrossFit Valley Park. With the good came some bad.

I had to jump through many hoops to get the correct URL changed since our website moved from Des Peres to Valley Park. Many of you have had trouble accessing the website. It should be up and running now. The only problem is I had to try and reconfigure old posts, photos, and posts. Many are missing pics now. Getting back to fix them all may prove to be a WOD I can't handle! We may be starting fresh here which means all archived posts will be lost. It's kinda sad but I think it marks a new beginning. Hey, everything happens for a reason, right?

Website improvement will continue and our newsletter will be out by Sunday. Thanks for your patience.

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