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Raelynn Burpee 2

Raelynn Pull up

"Athlete of the Month!"

Raelynn Chase is our next Athlete of the Month. Pics and Bio coming soon. Raelynn has made some huge changes through consistency, hard work, and improved diet. She decided to compete on our Affiliate Team and began her preparation in January. Since then she has really stepped things up and the progress has been awesome to say the least. Raelynn, we are proud of you and good luck in Denver!

Thursday Strength/Skill Work:  Back Squat 3 X 8, 3 X 5. Alternate with single arm Kettlebell presses, going for max weight for 5 reps each set.

20 Responses

  1. Melissa Hurley

    Way to go Raelynn!!! Its great getting to finally workout with you and chat it up. Don't forget to get those lifting shoes ;0)
    GREAT JOB!!!

  2. Trey

    An honor truly deserved! Watching you over the last two months has been a lot of fun–your improvement, drive, and attitude are always inspiring. Can't wait to see you kick some butt in Denver!

  3. Brian R.

    Congrats! My favorite Raelynn moment was watching you knock those pullups out during the affiliate challenge…just when I thought you couldn't do any more…BOP! Another!

  4. Raelynn

    Wow! This is all a bit much! Thank you for all of your posts! I am truly honored. From the moment I stepped into CFVP, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. I expected that I would become stronger and just become more fit. What I never expected, was being part of such a wonderful, inspirational community of people. YOU are the reason I keep coming back for more! I hope I can serve CFVP proud as athlete of the month and in Denver!

  5. Kara

    Realynn!!!!!! Congratulations my friend! Very well deserved. You keep working and working and never give up and your results show it. Workouts are always more fun when you are there. Way to go, girl! Keep kickin' it!!

  6. You are one awesome lady and a great example of what you can become with hard work and dedication. Crossfit Valley Park is creating some pretty powerful women! Keep up the great work Raelynn

  7. Darby S

    Congratulations! You are truly a great athlete and a sweet heart of a gal. You deserve it. Good luck in your training for Denver.

  8. Brody

    Well Raelynn… are one powerful woman that excites me to come to the gym everyday! (: On a serious note, you deserve it and inspire all of us on how you make time for yourself with the kids you have to take everywhere all by yourself. ): Keep up the hard work as it is paying off.

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