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Athlete of the Month


Athlete of the Month

Jonn B-001

I was first introduced to CrossFit by a random re-run of the CrossFit Games on ESPN and at the time it all seemed random and excessive.  GHD sit-ups combined with throwing a medicine ball for distance?  Crazy.  At the time I had friends in other cities that did CrossFit and after talking to them I decided to give it a shot.  I had been a competitive swimmer from 5 yrs old until my Freshman year of college and went to whatever random GloboGym was closest to where I lived at the time, should be no problem I thought.  My first week I dry heaved in the parking lot and thought I had some sort of disease that didn’t allow a person to recover from being sore.  Fast forward a little more than a year and I am officially hooked.  I’m still learning, always trying to improve and there seems to be a never ending list of goals and skills to get better at.  Mostly though, it is the environment that keeps me coming back.  After the individualistic, ego driven styles of most major gyms the community of CrossFit, and CFVP in particular, is amazing.  I would like to thank the coaches for all the time they put into the programming and for all the help I have gotten when working on my progressions and thanks to all the members who push me harder than I could ever push myself.  CrossFit Valley Park has exceeded my expectations in every way and I look forward to all the good times ahead.

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