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Athlete of the Month


Athlete of the Month

Sebastian 2

Sebastian Perez is our next Athlete of the Month. Sebastian suffered a bicep tendon repair recently. His recovery must be some kind of world record. He is back to full strength and has no limitations. To boot, he smashes every WOD and often sets the bar. Well deserved Sebastian.

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  1. Mike e

    Congratulations Sebastian!!! It's amazing watching you destroy the wods, even wearing the weighted vest you keep putting up monster numbers and times. You are a BEAST!!!

  2. Old Zim

    Sebastian is the reason Herb came up with the term "scale up" because Rx just wasn't enough of a challenge. Awesome job, Sebastian. You continue to set the bar high (pun only partially intended) for all of us.

  3. Donna Smith

    Congrats Sebastian!!!! You should be the athlete of the Year. It's always a pleasure to work out with you and you always give it 100+ percent!!!

  4. Tina

    I am so amazed at your hard work and dedication to such a quick recovery! You are awesome and such a motivator in the gym! Mama Z. is very proud of you!

    Continue to keep me from "sandbagging"!


    You are a machine! And I'm always pissed at you when we do wod's together! You are done with your wod by the time I'm just starting!! 🙂

  6. Sebastian

    Wow. I am at a loss for words. It is very flattering and humbling to hear such kind words from everyone. It's also weird in a way to be reconized for doing something I love. Being far from home in a new city always makes it a task to find your place. I certainly have found my second family in all of you at CFVP. For those of you that I see on a consistent basis you have a very special place in my heart and for those that I don't know well, yet, I look forward to making more room for you in that special place. Thank you everyone.

  7. Medium Steve

    Congratulations!!! Your a tank. Very deserving to be athlete of the month!!! Way to never stop and keep pushing forward. Even when you had the brace on your arm it didn't stop you. Very inspirational!!!

  8. Kelly Girl

    Yeah Sebastian! You are the man! You are an inspiration and I thank you for helping me to push through the tough times! All I do is think of you with that elbow contraption on and I know I can do it!

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