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As Petey says………


As Petey says………


"This year's games are over. Though there will be time to share stories and pictures and videos, it's time to get ready to achieve your next goal. Work on those weaknesses. Everyone has them!"

We thank Petey for that insipirational message. So on that note…..

Tuesday Strength and skill: Deadlift 6X2 Alternate with rope climb technique. Start from the floor, beginners go from the floor to stand up position etc…. One armed rope climbs, one armed rope climbs with no feet, one armed rope climbs with no feet and a weightvest….

Weightlifting skill: work on the hang clean, work on speed and getting the elbows up high and fast.

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  1. gnat

    Okay fellow CFVP mortals that sat back & watched all the action of the CF games that are now surely inspired…& our proud CFVP heros/superstars/legends/celebrities/lion hearted warriors returning from the games…a special section of the whiteboard has been scrubbed one handed & there is now room for the brave to post their goals. Mine is to do a full range of motion BURPEE by September 1… what's yours? Let them be known & let's get it done! 🙂

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