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"Are those legs or jackhammers?"

Well we could put up 100 posts today on everyone and everything that went on this past weekend. We'll have a video up shortly as well as a picture album. For now, we'll touch on some highlights (don't have everyone's numbers. POST TO COMMENTS) and finish with some words from Tonya Charland, a first time competitor for CFVP.

  • Herb Sayers PR deadlift with #385.
  • Dan Thacker with a PR Jerk of #355.
  • Chris Smith with a #515 deadlift and 5 mucle ups.
  • Melissa Hurley with her FIRST muscle-up, a PR clean, and a come from behind Prowler performance.
  • Mike Walerius carrying a #255 lb. gorilla on his back.
  • Nikki Cepicky with a heart touching performance on the final WOD.
  • Melanie Jackson ripping out handstand push-ups
  • Todd Seabaugh doing burpees like a champ.
  • Jennifer Kahle with a solid, gutsy, all around performance.
  • Dawn Wilhelm with 27 consecutive pull-ups.
  • Trey Dowell with a PR deadlift and lightning fast Prowler run.
  • Natalie Sayers with a solid strong weekend.
  • Melissa Schwab carrying Natalie.
  • David Corthwaite with 29 consecutive handstand push-ups.
  • Jake Howard KILLING IT! As always.
  • Brooke Van Anne with a solid, first time performance.
  • Jared Van Anne blasting through power cleans.
  • Chris Schwab with perhaps the best "all around" performance.
  • Kara Funk with a PR snatch.
  • Corey Beurck with a solid, strong weekend.
  • Tonya Charland with a #178 clean and a lightning fast, come from behind performance in the final WOD.
  • Neil Zimmerman with a PR clean.

Cross Fit has been a total life changing experience for me in so many ways.  Being an athlete my entire life I always seemed to have something to train for, whether it was for next game or next sport season. Then life changed a little, (no a lot after collegiate athletics), started a career, got married, moved twice, and had kids.  I missed the competitive spirit of competition and being around people that made me better, made me want to be better, and were working just has hard to get better themselves.  The value of the members at Valley Park is priceless.  You all make me better, make me want to get better, and inspire me every day because of how hard you work yourselves. 

 This past weekend was one of the best experiences I have had as an athlete.  Dan can attest that I was “freaking out” about not being ready for the competition, not wanting to embarrass the team or myself, and not wanting to let anyone down, etc.  Mike, Nikki, Melanie, Chris, Dan….you all are AMAZING! With me being a rookie, you made me feel so completely welcome and part of the team.

 As I reflect on the weekend, I just can’t help but think of the extreme amount of heart & determination that we all showed for each other and probably showed ourselves.  I was talking to another team about the weekend and one of the comments they made about their own team was that they felt that they kind of gave up in the end.  It made me feel so sad for them. But at the same time, I felt so HAPPY because I never for one second felt that way about our team.  It didn’t matter what the outcome we were going to finish and finish hard and that is how winners are made.  In my opinion, we won in so many ways this weekend.

Tuesday Strength/Skill Work: OH Press 5 x 5. Alternate with Skin the Cat 5 x 3. Spend the remaing time working on squat mobility including the OH squat. Short Metcon.  




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  1. Jennifer Kahle

    I couldn't have said it better myself. Dan, Herb, Brandon and Corey are the greatest. Thank you and all the CFVP members for everything!

  2. Grant Wistrom

    CFVP Guys and ladies thank you so much for putting on such are fantastic event. It's awesome to see the CF community come together and test their metal. As a has been I appreciated the chance to compete one more time. The hammies are still like piano wire after the weighted run! See you all next year in Springfield.

  3. Bridget

    Congratulations to each and every one of you! What an accomplishment – you are all winners! Tonya, thanks for clearly articulating the spirit that is CFVP.

  4. Vikki

    Thanks to all of our coaches: Dan, Herb, Brandon, and Corey! Thanks to all the awesome members of CFVP! We are like a family who cheer and support each other. I know I would not be where I'm at in my fitness journey, if it weren't for all of you! (And Tonya-you Rule!!!!)

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