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Anything named the "Prowler" tells me it's gonna burn. Sled pushing is used to develop leg power, speed, and stamina. Mostly used by Strongman competitors, it can be loaded with lighter weights for any ability. Run with it, walk with it, push it, pull it, love it, and hate it. You can even take a ride on it if your partner is willing to push. We did some Prowler relays today and our test subjects all gave it the thumbs up.

We continue to grow and we want to thank all the veterans for making our new athletes feel at home!

Sharon 2 A big high five goes out to Sharon Dailey and Melissa Kron! We can't say enough about their dedication, hard work, and warm smiles. Sharon reached her goal of 10 full push-ups in a row and Melissa got her PR on the bench press with 100 lbs!!!! Way to go ladies.

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