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Another Exhausting Weekend!


Another Exhausting Weekend!

Jake and Josh 

Jake Josh

CrossFit Valley Park was proud to help out friends Josh Nimmo and Jake Howard. They both took a shot at the last chance qualifier for the 2009 CrossFit GamesThey had to complete 3 workouts within 24 hours and have video submitted to HQ. The actually had them done within about 7 hours! That is some serious work with little rest. They moved like champs and we are keeping our fingers crossed for them. Great work guys.

Rochelle Simmer of CrossFit TNT did a great job hosting the 2009 Fit Games. Our team showed up ready for a challenge and we got one! It was over an hour of running, lunging, squatting, push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, lunging, bear crawls, tire flips, burpees, bucket carries, and hill sprints. We edged out the Marine crew and held on to a 1st place standing. However, we were eventually edged out by a few other teams. We had a blast. 

PLEASE register for our Trivia night. It is coming up soon on June 13th. Thanks for your support! 

Affiliate Team WOD

-Men use 100 lb. Sandbag, Women use 50 lb.

-5 Rounds, exactly 1 minute rest between rounds.

-Shoulder the bag, perform 15 squats, drop and sprint 200 meters, clean bag and perform 15 jerks. Rest 1 minute.

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