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CFVP would like to welcome Mike Sinak. Mike and his wife Penny are both new members and awesome additions to our family. Mike is a very strong guy with impressive performances. Mike is very diligent with his learning and progressions. He has taken time to always ask how and why. We really appreciate the desire to learn and apply. ALWAYS feel free to question/comment! Remember whether in person, through e-mail, or phone, we are always willing to help.

Alicia House is also a new member. She takes the same approach and her movements, strength, and conditioning are improving everyday. Keep up the great work Alicia.

We try to keep up with Birthdays and will be the first to admit, we are terrible about this. Improvement promised. Today Ryan Davis turned 28. Ryan is one heck of an athlete and we wish him a very happy 28th.

Lastly, we mentioned a CFVP "intergym" event. We will be announcing  the workouts tomorrow. This is a partner event, with 2 males and 2 females. We will not have divisions and anyone can participate! The date is Saturday, February 23rd. Please arrive by 8 a.m. The first heat will strart at 8:30. We should be done by 12 noon. Classes will be cancelled on this date. Feel free to start finding a partner!

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