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Josh 2

Anne 2

Anne Lehman is a Masters level Olympic lifter visiting from San Francisco. She packs a punch and makes a 175 lb. back squat look easy.

Josh Nimmo executes muscle-ups with finesse and power. Notice the "seated" position of the hips coming from a powerful kip. So many of you have been getting the kipping pull-up. Nothing comes easy and like anything, it requires consistent practice. One thing you need to keep in mind is that the execution of the kipping pull-up is driven more by the kip than the pull. The kip needs to be very aggressive with a rapid closing then opening of the hip.  When this movement is powerful your body will move upward towards the bar and a timed  pull will complete it. We see some people get "stuck" in the middle of the pull. You are now in a state where the energy from the kip is gone. Obvioulsy both things must happen and be timed correctly. Concentrate on the kip first and good things will start happening!

Saturday Strength/Skill Work: Overhead Squat 4 X 6, max box jumps


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