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Jennifer k-1

Jennifer after
Tonya before


Yes you know we're serious when we use exclamation points! Jennifer Kahle dug up a "before" picture for us. Jennifer has made a complete transformation. We vividly remember that person who first walked through our doors and she is gone. Meet the new Jennifer. Jennifer, you are awesome and inspiring.

Tonya Charland was a collegiate athlete who came to us guided by her good friend, Melissa Hurley. That athlete soon returned and with hard work and determination, Tonya competed in the 2011 CrossFit Games. She finished 11th in the North Central Region and went on to take 1st place in the North Central Regional with Team CFVP. The team went on to take an astounding 8th place in the world. Her accomplishments have been nothing short of incredible. Tonya, thank you for inspiring so many of us.


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  1. Lisa Moore

    Im gonna leave my old photos off this website….lol Jen you are rock hard girl and moving fast. Tonya the same goes for you. You are so fast and furious…you both look amazing.

  2. Brian R.

    I think we need a new photo album…anyone who wants to participate can add a before and after pic! You can even keep updating your after pic if you want 🙂

    It's truly inspiring to see these transformations! And the best part is that it's done through hard work and dedication, and not through crash diets, drugs, and BMJ's favorite, the Shake Weight.

  3. Tracy Strubberg

    I remember the 1st day Jen came to class. A little nervous. Look at you now, an inspiration.
    I also remember first working out with Tonya. I was like " My God that girl is strong" I used to think I was pretty strong.
    It's always a pleasure to see both of you ladies.

  4. Cory

    AMAZING what hard work and determination does! Awesome Jen, just awesome. Did I say awesome? Tonya C.!!! That girl can straight up BEAST anyone. It was great to accomplish all Team VP did this past games year. I still remember the first time I saw Tonya. I saw her at HOA last November at Ice. She basically threw her partner on her back with one arm and handled the carry with ease. Good Stuff Jen and Tonya!

  5. Mike D

    Both of you should feel very accomplished. I don't need a picture to be inspired by either of you but, it is always nice to see where you came from and how far you have made it. congratulations to you both. just phenominal.

  6. Jenn K

    My results would not have been possible without the guidance of Dan, Brandon & Herb and the love and support of my CFVP peeps! Thanks for the kind words! I love you guys!!!!
    Tonya, you're just awe inspiring!

  7. Tonya

    Dearest VP Family! The last year has been the most amazing story that I could have ever dreamed of writing. The support and love I (we) feel every day I (we) walk into CFVP is what continues to motivate me (all)of us as we each evolve in our own ways. So…now burn that before picture. I don't want to see that person again. More importantly the transformation brought me back to life!!! Forever Thankful!

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