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All smiles. That is one way to describe Sharon Dailey. Sharon is our next "Athlete of the Month." Pictures and information coming soon. Sharon adds something to the life of each person who is priveleged to meet her. She is always good for a cheer and a high five. She tackles each workout without hesistation and inspires all of us. We simply can't say enough so we'll just say "congrats and thank you Sharon!"

Monday Strength/Skill Work: Deadlift 5 X 3, Kettlebell Sots Press


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  1. Melissa

    Sharon, Congratulations on being named "Athlete of the Month." It's been a joy to watch you evolve into the athelete that you are today. Your dedication and hard work are such an inspiration. You've proven that age is only a number. Keep up the great work!

  2. Herb

    Sharon, your real reward for being "athlete of the month" is you got to have your picture taken with Brody!

    Seriously, you are an absolute joy to work with and are most deserving.

  3. Karen

    You really deserve this Sharon!! I always enjoying working out with you! You NEVER complain! Unless you are mumbling underneath that smile of yours! Congrads!

  4. Dawn Wilhelm

    I couldn't agree more. Sharon, you were one of the first people I met at crossfit and you were great. You gave me nonstop encouragement from the moment the class started. You are a great athlete!!!!

  5. Sharon

    Thanks to everyone for all your encouragement!! I love being a part of the CFVP Family – everyone is tremendous and I could have not gotten to where I am now without all of you – THANKS A MILLION!!!
    Definitely a reward to have Brody and Melissa in the picture!!
    Court, Orie, & Margaret – really miss you guys!!!

  6. Corey

    Sharon great job!! You are amazing to have around and support everyone so much. Keep up all the hard work it is a joy to watch you reach your goals

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