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All Smiles

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Those smiles quickly turned to faces of grit and determination once "Fight Gone Bad" started. This is personally one of my favorites. Maybe it's because you actually get 1 minute to rest between rounds. It's a workout with a variety of fast moving power exercises and it helps to have a good game plan. Here are a few tips. Remember it's a fight, so keep swinging! Great job Jamie, Amy, Neil, Jake, and Courtney!

  • Working through each minute may be better if you take a small rest before the minute expires. This will let you catch some oxygen and get set up on your next station.
  • Remember the goal is to maximize your repetitions so accumulate more on your strong exercises and get what you can on your weak ones.
  • A pre-written plan of your actual numbers can help. Try and design it so you will come out with a higher score than you did before.
  • Sandbagging a bit may actually be a good idea. Going all out on the first two rounds may leave you completely wiped out on the third. You may get a better score by holding back just a bit on the first two rounds then going all out on your third.

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  1. Jon

    Personally, I like to go all out for the whole workout. There may be a better way to maximize reps, but I don't know if there's a better way to increase work capacity across broad time and modal domains. Then again, what is work capacity in FGB but total reps? I suppose it's the mental growth I'm after by going all out. But I've seen the pre-written plan in action, and it certainly works.

    One thought that motivates me–or will the next time I do FGB–is that if I do ONE MORE REP in every exercise, then I would increase my score by 15. That's a lot.

    P.S. One reason I haven't tried the pre-written plan is that I've only done FGB twice and have not yet fixated on a goal. So I'm not knocking it–just sharing my own current approach.

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